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Extraction socket preservation in implant dentistry

This workshop will explore the concept of site preservation following tooth extraction. The course is aimed specifically at augmentation of extraction sockets at the time of tooth extraction as a means of preserving hard and soft tissue profile prior to either implant tooth replacement or restoration with a bridge pontic.  This unique course will offer practical step-by-step instruction on how to manage tooth extractions properly and reduce the chance of loss of labial plate and soft tissue collapse post tooth extraction. Socket augmentation assists in providing more predictable aesthetics for patients receiving dental implant tooth replacement in the aesthetic zone.

This course includes detailed instruction of atraumatic tooth extraction, including the use of luxators, periotomes, and surgical removal of tooth roots and preservation of the extraction socket. Clinical assessment of cases & case selection will be covered as will discussion on the type of socket graft material to use. The use of wound dressing membranes in conjunction with socket augmentation will be discussed in detail. Participants will see real clinical demonstrations of socket grafting cases.

Course Dates

Date Presenter Fee Venue Duration
27 Sep 2024 Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer $1185 (incl. GST) ACTC 1-5pm

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