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Restoring my first Dental Implant- NobelBiocare system

This course is aimed at those general practitioners who would like to start restoring dental implants in their practice but have previously has only limited or no experience. The focus is treatment planning and restoration for single tooth implants.

This course is unique in that it includes a clinical mentorship component where participants can work closely with Dr Danesh-Meyer at the Auckland Clinical Training Centre on restoring their first dental implant case together, under clinical supervision. This will allow participants to put into practice the information learned during the course.

The course has been designed to assist participants with incorporating dental implant restoration into their practice, with practical and easy to follow guidelines that you can apply immediately.

Course Outline

· Introduction and treatment planning: Introduction to case selection, treatment planning, provisonalization, surgical stent fabrication, treatment sequencing for single tooth implant cases and how to manage ACC cases.

· Fixture head impressions: How to obtain predictable fixture head impressions of single tooth dental implant. Choosing the appropriate final crown restoration for your implant. Working together with the dental technician. This lecture will include hands on demonstration on models.

· Definitive restoration: Final abutment selection (stock abutments, custom abutments), screw retained vs. cement retained crowns. How and what to check on the completed lab work, checking and fitting the definitive restoration, potential problems and pitfalls and how to avoid them during the fitting of the final abutment/crown.

Clinical Support

· Clinical mentorship is available with Dr Danesh-Meyer at the Institute of Dental Implants and Periodontics for participants that have enrolled for this course and are restoring their first dental implant case. This includes clinical supervision/guidance for fixture head impressions and placement of the definitive restoration on your first case. One-on-one clinical sessions will be arranged individually with course participants. Scheduling will very depending on availability of clinic time and coordination patients, mentor and course participants.


Course Dates

Date Presenter Fee Venue Duration
19 Jul 2024 Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer $1485.00 (Incl. GST) Auckland Clinical Training Centre 9:00am-4:00pm

Register for course

To register for this course please send an email to info@implantdentist.co.nz stating the date and name of the course you would like to register for.

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